The lubricant coating of the bearing is also very particular

The garbage is processed when only two aspects cannot be played. This management philosophy will avoid the avoidance of garbage., also received significant results.The garbage management concept in the guide is more representative. The above news hopes to help you, want to know more about the plastic crusher, please pay attention to the plastic crusher manufacturer.

The lubricant coating of the bearing is also very particular. After a period of work, the plastic crusher has to check. However, since users plastic shredder Manufacturers often neglect the protection of bearings, causing machine failures without normal operation. Pay attention to the cleaning bearing when using everyday use, first put the bearing into the oil, then use the brush to brush the soil of the bearing surface, then carry out appropriate heating of the oil, and then perform detailed cleaning of the balls and vulnerabilities inside the bearing.

After the application, the position of the outer ring will be restored, and the dust removal is covered with a plastic film. In order to extend the life of the plastic crusher, It took you to understand the method of prolonging the life of plastic crusher; First check the number of parts before installing the plastic crusher equipment, check the surface and thread of each part Damage caused by loading and unloading and cleared. . In particular, after the bearing is installed, it is necessary to discharst the outer ring to coat the bearing lubricant.5 times, should be replaced or padded.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the gap between the eccentric shaft and the shaft and the mandrel and the shaft tile, if it exceeds 1. Disassemble the hardware, if the wear of the bearing is small, the car can be carried on the correct geometry.How to extend plastic crusher bearing life.With the speed of murderous development of Chinese architecture, cement, metallurgy, the use of crusher equipment has gradually expanded.

The above content is hoped to help you, please find more news about the plastic crusher, please pay attention to the newsletter of the plastic crusher. Plastic crusher is applied to dry oil on a fixed contact surface when installing, and coated with a dilute oil on the movable surface. 2. When the grease is applied, cover all the roller surfaces

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